Company History

It all began in 2005. The sponsors of the company who already had vast experience and expertise in the apparel industry were inspired to establish APPARELOPOLIS by the ever increasing development of the readymade garments sector in Bangladesh. Their knowledge ranged from manufacturing establishments to international marketing to quality assurance and compliance related services on behalf of trans-national companies both in and outside Bangladesh. APPARELOPOLIS was thus launched to facilitate the growing need to foster a win-win relationship between the local producers and international marketers.

Since then, with its stated vision and mission, APPARELOPOLIS has utilized its in-house talents in diligently serving the global apparel supply chain system. It is an Apparel Buying House and a Sourcing Agency. The primary aim has always been to provide competitive advantage to the global apparel firms by reducing production cost, facilitating production of complex design with good quality and most importantly, timely delivery.