What We Will Do For You

Out-sourced Garment Production can be one of the most exciting times of your life but can also be a stressful one. There are many things involved in manufacturing overseas. Once you have identified a design(s) that appeals to you to re-produce in bulk, we ensure your interests are protected and that the process is as easy as possible for you.  We will handle all negotiations of the contract to help you attain the best price and terms.

We Analyze

Upon receiving your query – we will carefully study your requirements. Then we’ll do the followings:

  1. First, We take your query seriously as our business function for you to  materialize and be successful.
  2. Then we make necessary departments involved in-house like merchandisers, designers, QCs, Commercial etc. to provide an effective output technically, financially and in timely manner.
  3. We calculate and come up with an estimated cost based on all the raw materials found from our domestic and/or international vendors.
  4. Then verify this estimated cost with the domestic market by sending your queries to different manufacturing units where the Production Manager, Designer, Sampling Master, Merchandisers and the QC departments re-calculate the cost of making of your product(s).
  5. We compare the best logical and up to the requirements cost for you.

We Source

Once we finish analyzing we offer you the lowest price and meet your target price. We will do the followings:

  1. We will evaluate by looking for the most renowned, prominent, experienced, diligent, honest, loyal, resourceful, technically savvy and cost effective vendors all around Dhaka and Chittagong and if necessary check international vendors specially in China, India, Korea etc for your raw materials.
  2. Similarly we will evaluate, grade and select manufacturers in Narayanganj, Gazipur, Savar, Mirpur and/or in Chittagong based on their proprietor / director’s status, length of experience in the industry, relevant education in the industry, quality and quantity of the machineries used, clients they have worked for, workers education and/or their technical skills, security system of the factory, maintained internationally accepted social compliance etc.

We Shortlist

Once we evaluate and grade vendors and factories we’ll notify you. Then we’ll do the followings:

  1. We’ll shortlist and send you profiles of 3 best factories for you to elect/select from.
  2. If your time & budget permits then you could visit these factories then select one for your product manufacturing.

We Negotiate

Once the above step is done then we’ll do the followings:

  1. We’ll negotiate L/C terms for you with the factory.
  2. We’ll negotiate production planning terms for timely shipment.
  3. We’ll negotiate quality and quantity terms with the factory.
  4. We’ll negotiate inspection terms and conditions with the factory.
  5. We’ll place the order based on ‘Time & Action’ plan for you to know total schedule.

We Help You Complete

As the above procedures are in place we’ll do the followings:

  1. We’ll assign merchandiser and inspection teams for both the raw goods vendors and factory production team for un-winking inspection surveillance.
  2. From store/warehouse to fabric/yarn inspection, pattern making, marking, cutting, bundling, sewing/knitting, mending, iron/pressing, labeling, washing to shipping – we’ll help you complete the job.
  3. Once the shipment is done – we’ll send off the necessary documents for accounts collection.

We Organize Events on Your Visit (If Necessary)

Once the L/C and other necessary documents are finalized – you could visit us and we can pre-arrange a tour guide prior to your arrival from our office Or you could come visit us prior to offer Purchase Order. In any case we can to do the followings:

  1. Once you confirm your intention to visit Bangladesh, we’ll send you an invitation letter for you to submit to the embassy for a visa
  2. We’ll pick you up from the airport once you let us know your arrival date, time and flight number.
  3. We’ll arrange your hotel accommodation.
  4. We’ll have you visit our office, introduce personnel, explain our daily routine jobs, show our sample section and have conference with in-house personnel about your project(s).
  5. Once/if project(s) are finalized we’ll have you visit the production factory and facilities available there.
  6. Once/if you are satisfied with the production, work flow and processes then we’ll see you off to the airport.

Pre-Production, Production Support

Once the order(s) is/are confirmed from you – we’ll do the following:

  1. Via email, skype or our mobile numbers you can get the status of the latest pre-production, production and/or post production statuses.
  2. Also the factory will provide a regular store inventory along with ‘Time & Action’ plan which will be posted to you via email.